Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

lost in nature!!

Good morning everybody!! Today is Sunday and here, as promised, is my brand new post! the photos were taken about 3 weeks ago, back when the weather was still cold and annoying!! The truth is that i m gonna miss winter, and even more the boots i m wearing in these photos, which i wore and worshiped thousands of times this year!! But they now belong in their box, back in the closet! Have you prepared your closet so to welcome spring?? I still keep some warm clothes, as i wait for April to go, and as May is close, i m letting them go so summer close can finally take their rightful place! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

trip clothes!! ;)

Hello my fashion travelers! How are you doing? 
I decided to be more responsible and, despite my limited time, from now on i m going to upload a post every Sunday. So try to keep up and if you see that i m not punctual on my comitment, you ll have every right to scold me !! :P
My new photos are from a short trip to Volos, a small but really beautiful city of Greece. Unfortunately, it was quite the cloudy day, and as a result my photos came a bit blurry. But what should i expect from a non professional camera, right? However our financial here in Greece isn't going too well, so i dont have many chances in getting a professional one so i can just do my hobby...
Anyway, i m just wearing here a simple and cosy outfit... What's your favourite clothes that you wear when you go on vacation???