Sunday, July 14, 2013

ocean blue...!!!

With this post i'm leaving you for about a week or so, since finally get to start my vocation!! This time tomorrow i'll be in a fabulous island of Grecce, Thasos!! Don't forget to follow me on instagram '' colorfulblast_steff '' , coz' i'll be capturing the beauties of this majestic island,daily!! 
-i truly thank you for your support!!can't wait to hear your opinion about my outfit!!till my next post best of kisses!!!!!  

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

just a colorful girl on the road!!

I know, i know, i delayed my post again!! I 'm not the perfect example as a blogger, thats for sure, but noone is perfect right??  since you are so understanding, i 'll have to ask for your compassion and patience once more, untill i manage to answer to all of your comments.. Unfortunately, responsible for this situation, is a darn virus in my laptop, that i can't get rid of! I hope u liked my outfit and i can't wait to hear your opinions... Till my next post kisses to everybody!