Saturday, September 28, 2013

''Alice'' in wonderland!!

Hello my fashion travellers!!How are you???
My exams period has finally passed and i couldn't wait until Monday to make a new post!!I missed you so much and i would like to thank you for all your comments.I hope you liked my outfit and I am looking forward to listen to your opinion. :)

PS. If you want check my sis blog here: !!

Monday, September 02, 2013

lost in colorful stripes

Hi my fashion travelers!!How are you??
September may have come, but the weather here in Greece still feels like summer.... And how are we supposed to study for our exams like this? I m jealous of all of you that are still on vacation, i admit it . And that's only because i have to stay in and study, while the taunting rays of the sun enter my room, reminding me that i can still go to the beach and get lost at the sound of the sea waves!! "Lucky" for me, the piles of books around me, bring back the anxiety and the panic for the exams. Therefore my beloved fashion travellers, our next date for our brand new post will be after september 24th, when i will finally be free of the exam period!! Untill then i wish you all to be well, and have a great month!!!